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Quick logo designer helps you to create professional logos with ease. Bullet trajectories can be created from a database of 2,069 component bullets, plus a catalog of over 2,360 factory loads. With our load data you can search by caliber, bullet weight, powder, powder manufacturer or a combination of all four. The database of the more recent versions of quickload also includes. These data update cds will add the latest available powder, cartridge, and bullet files to your current version of quickloadquicktarget. Quickloader is a simple and freetouse download software. Quickload software get the latest update now daily. Ive had pretty good correspondence with rifle loads, even going so far as to. When you use quickload, you can download the data for reload swiss powders here. Please realize that the values in ql were not all taken from actual bullets in hand.

Ive never added bullet data to my existing database, but in doing so, it appears that i also need the information found under data. In fact, you should check multiple sources if possible, and consult with individuals who actually load for that cartridge. Is it ok to use data for jacketed bullets with hard cast bullets. I use this program called quickload by necos produts to calculate load data. If the profile has for example secondary stats, a dot profile with a relative value of 30% in crit uses 300 of that rating as its crit rating to run a simulation.

The database of the more recent versions of quickload also includes dimensional technical drawings of the predefined cartridges and for most cartridges photographic images. You can also use that menu to see all bullets of a given diameter for your run. These data update cds will add the latest available powder, cartridge, and bullet files to your current version of quickload quicktarget. Here i give an example on how to setup and use quickload for load developing. Data can later be imported or entered by the user to expand the programs database. Add, change, load, save projectile bullet data search bullets of same diameter. Contains an index of data sources showing where to find loads for over 760 standard wildcat cartridges. Sierra bullets offers free load maps which, in general, are fairly conservative. Customizable search allows you to quickly find cartridge for your firearms. When you enter your desired charge, the program calculates gas pressure and v0. Anybody know how to properly set up quickload to deal with revolvers. When i look at the bullet variables used for the calculation, it appears the only variables used are. Once the bullet manufacture is selected above the bullet discription, the world opens up. Any velocities over 1200 fps we recommend either our heavy plate concave base or hollow point products for superior accuracy.

Load data the best reloading manual online accurate shotshell, bullet and ammo reloading manuals for load data enthusiasts. The 5 calibers to claim the most powerful handgun in the world title reupload duration. Utility supports batch processing of multiple files. Mccoy, technical report arbrltr02293, february 1981, ada098110. Missouri bullet company assumes no responsibility for the data contained on this site. Quickload has a default database of predefined bullets, cartridges and propellants. Enhancements have been made, and all data is included. No other ballistics software has the precise data for 270 individual powders. Home the quick and the dead quickload speeds up load development. It provides access to photos and schematics of more than 1200 cartridges, 250 powders, and 2500 bullets. Quicktarget is a simple to use external ballistic program that pulls data from quickload with the push of a button. This information and data may vary considerably in performance depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc. Please consult your powder manufacturer or your reloading manual.

Quickload bullet database where nosler reloading forum. Then its time to upgrade your data files new data became available in january 2018. Due to liability reasons, we do not provide this information. Work with weapons training or research projects by simulating and analyzing the results of indoor or outdoor shooting sessions. This 829 page manual has become real and is now available. For more information on this particular program see mcdrag a computer program for estimating the drag coefficients of projectiles, robert l. We offer a wide variety of gas checked and plain base cast bullet designs which will meet and exceed the most demanding requirements. The effect of imperfections in ammunition is cumulative. Any bullet file currently displayed on your quick load application will lead to this common directory on your computer. How to load the balistix bullets quick load data file on. I thought id help out any new reloaders by posting links to the various available resources. The suite contains a database of photographs and schematics of over 1200 cartridge types, 250 powders, and 2500 bullet samples. Design cartridges by modifying cartridges in the quickdesign database or design a cartridge from scratch. Lapua was first on the market to offer radar data and accurately verified ballistic data for civilian longrange shooters.

The quick target unlimited lapua ballistic software features lapua bullets. All the loads are developed by the staff of handloader magazine and the archives of handloader and rifle magazines. For proper operation of the program buy a premium account from our website download link. Data developed in the quickdesign cartridge designing program can be imported into quickloadquicktarget for interior and exterior ballistic analysis. Quickload data update fox bullets leadfree bullets. The programs good, but the data files are old they dont have, for instance, hodgdons trail boss, promo, or titewad. Magic bullet quicklooks is a program that gives a classic look to your movies. Quickload is an internal ballistics predictor computer program for firearms. Ive been told by the local reloading shop guy that if i use data for a jacketed bullet and load it under a cast, that i will actually get lower pressures and a bit more fps out of the load. There are only 3 propellants, 3 cartridges and 3 bullets in caliber. After messing around with the software awhile it seems it doesnt acco. Utility to load excel files to databasemysqloracle with automatic creation of tables and columns. It is with great pride and pleasure that i announce the completion of the berger bullets reloading manual.

Given a caliber and bullet type, which are input from the user in this window, most of the cartridge data needed are derived from the. The accuracy of any firearm is determined and limited by the quality of the ammunition shot in it. The makers of quickload offer inexpensive cds with updated data files for propellants and projectiles. He said that when loading cast bullets with jacketed data, the only concern is not to push it so fast that the barrel begins to lead. Another member claimed i was about to blow myself up with the loads i was using so i figured this was the next best thing to a pressure barrel. Our copper plated bullets can be run at midrange jacketed velocities or higher end lead velocities. Btw the new version is easier to use than the old torrent version. You can get quickload to load its complete list of bullets by selecting. While ive only been reloading for a few years ive seen its popularity grow rapidly in just that short time. Bottleneck cartridges are higher, running about 112%. We believe this is the most comprehensive bullet database on the internet. The demo version of quickloadquicktarget cannot save any data. Those in search of the ultimate load will find gmdr.

The chart shows the simulated dps of different secondary distributions of the otherwise same profile. The database of quickload also include photos or dimensional technical drawings for most of the predefined cartridges. There are two update cds now offered with data current through january 2018. Quickload is a powerful ballistic application that provides you with information for more than 1200 cartridges, 250 powders and 2500 bullets. Load books may have 3 pressure levels for 4570, but they only have one for 2535. I just purchased a new copy of quick load and im quite surprised on the lack of bullets in the library. This kind of ballistic study is called exterior ballistics, but did you know that there are two other ballistic disciplines.

Quickdesign, the computer aided cartridge design program is the latest revolutionary creation from hartmut broemel. Quickload software get the latest update now daily bulletin. Accepts user defined data for user created wildcats. Option 2 quickdesign best quick load ballistic software. That does give me an idea of how to work this for pressure trace work. The quick and the dead quickload speeds up load development. Quickload does not need to be running to download data into quicktarget. Access, blend and analyze all types and sizes of data, empower users to visualize data across multiple dimensions with minimal it support, and embed analytics. May 12, 2014 however, because there are so many bullet shapes, styles, and construction configurations we cannot create data for every single one. Become a load data member, access over 315,071 load recipies is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an everexpanding database of loads. We recommend keeping velocities to less than 1500 fps feet per second and using only a light taper crimp. Our team worked very hard to create a thorough manual which gives the shooter everything they come to expect from a reloading manual, along with several extra items we hope the shooters will find interesting and useful.

Because of this, sites like this one often see a new reloader asking for commonly available load data or instructions. This coming from someone who hates spending money on software, if i can find a free alternative i usually do, but after trying out quickload at a friends i was sold. Quickload is a program for the exterior and interior ballistic analysis. Open quicktarget and click the receive data from quickload button and the latest cartridge, bullet and muzzle velocity data will be imported and results will be automatically displayed. Quickdesign is computer aided cartridge design software that is windows compatible. There are some programsweb pages that provide some load data andor ballistic data, but imho nothing compares to quickload, for me it is worth the money and getting used to using it is a bit archaic but it works. Calculates bullet cd versus mach number based on bullet dimensions. How to load the balistix bullets quick load data file on your computer confirm where the file quickload \ data \ bullets is stored on your computer.

Which data do i use when my specific bullet is not listed. The quick and the dead quickload speeds up load development by now, nearly every serious shooter has either used or seen ballistic software that models, or predicts, the flight of a bullet. Quickload bullet data for hornady eldm and nosler rfd. Accurate results for over 1500 cartridges, more than 270 powders and 2500 bullets. Shooting lab was the first component of the shooting lab system introduced in 1998. I figured the list would be as extensive as jbm but, it is nowhere close. I think you will be at least as accurate measuring an actual bullet, than if you were trying to measure a picture of a bullet. This will give you more complete and uptodate cartridge, powder, and bullet data files. You can pull that menu down and go under the bullets pull down.

Ive had pretty good correspondence with rifle loads, even going so far as to create my own bullet files for some of the beartooth cast bullets. Even when using manufacturers load data, start 10% low and work up. If youre in the program itself, its under the top menu under data. To create more accurate search results for quickload 3.

Other programs can only place powders in general categories of burn rates and densities. If youre reloading or looking at some new load development, new calibres or bullet types and weights, quickload ballistic software solution is what you need. My quick load now runs powders like 4759, 4756, 7625, 2028 and many others. Quickload ballistic software torrent social advice. Many were taken from the advertising brochures showing all the bullets offered. If you have an older version of quickload, such as v3. The default database contains more than 2,500 projectiles, over 1,200 cartridges, over 225 powders and dimensional drawings and photos of many cartridges. Fox classic hunter bullets are added to the quickload program. Quickload simulates a handload by combining preferred reloading components. It was the first product to fully incorporate the work of ballistician robert l. Quickload ballistic software quickload database for pc.

When i look at the bullet variables used for the calculation, it appears the only. Apr 14, 2018 the makers of quickload offer inexpensive cds with updated data files for propellants and projectiles. Simplifying your search should return more download results. Before adding to the quickload please extract the file. Feb 18, 2011 introduction to using the quickload software. As an example, ive examined every hlvr load for every straight wall cartridge i could find and despite the variety of cartridges and bullets what is common is a max load is 105% of case density. Apr 07, 2019 here i give an example on how to setup and use quickload for load developing. I enter the caliber, bullet, oal, maximum pressure, maximum case fill ratio, and ask it to tell me the hierarchy of powders in order of velocity. The information supplied on this site, including load data, was supplied by our many customers. The end result is that you get a caliberspecific list of projectiles that is much more complete than quickload s default bullet database for that particular caliber. In my experience, amongs the litany of software products, calculating bullet trajectory, this is the most accurate.

Everyday we receive requests from new reloaders asking for load data using our bullets. I think the two zero options feature alone makes gmdr. We also offer exclusive leadhead original bullet designs. Free reloading instructions and reloading data the high road.