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Youll be hearing from me real soon to book another fabulous vacation to cabo. The female representative had a very computerized response. You learn this only after you use your credit card to book your trip. Bookvip vacation packages have savings up to 80% off the retail price which our fanatically shared by our 3. There are a limited number of free master room suites available at our award winning mexican palace.

When cassidy evans scores vip tickets to a concert, she decides to use them for one carefree night before beginning a summer internship at her fathers fortune 500 company. There was one thing that annoyed me while reading and that up until 47% of the book we are given background history of the two main characters. Vip is about ysabelle and sebastian, but they way the book is set up you wont read about them together until about 50% into the story. We have found that for every free vacation we have given away in the past we end up with 5 to 10 paying referrals that travel with us in the future. We are about to book with them again for one of their deals in the dominican republic.

Anytime a company removes your negative feedback is a company that cannot be trusted. Everything looks fine and our credit card has been charged twice one hotel fee the other part is the resort fee until this morning. We first used bookvip for a trip to cancun in 2015. Vip books is an imprint of visions international publishing. Information about vip readers services was first submitted to scambook on sep 21, 2014. The company is the leader in discounted vacation promotional packages and is the fastest growing travel company in north america with over 3. Book number listed on back cover of vip book scanner code listed on inside cover of vip book my vip book will be used on vehicles with the following license plates. I ordered night vision glasses from an add on facebook. I spoke with a rep who was very rude as i tried to book my trip after waiting 3 hours for someone to pick up. I booked a 4 night stay at the stratosphere in las vegas. When i called to confirm the reservation, as the screen asked me to do so after i paid, input all of my private information and. She had me on hold several times and tried selling me the all inclusive package after i specified i did not want. It wasnt that paid for the room but diamond vacations a time share company.

Was told i would receive an email from account specialist. Zelinski, promotional giveaways, and corporate business gifts to help companies increase their awareness and profitability. Bookvip is the worldwide leader in first time visitor promotional packages. According to their website, has been in business since 1998 and have grown to be one of the largest discount. I wouldnt book with them though, because i used to sell timesharing during the early 2000s and i know what strategy they are using, imagine going to the presentation and being put under duress when they might tell you, if you dont buy youll have to pay rack rate for the rest of your stay, it might not even be true, but i used it before not.

The presentation is very professional, and even though we said no to additional purchases we were treated with respect. If you dont want to it takes a week or two to get your money back. They provide exactly what they advertise sometimes more than that. Show less by jennifera9 new user on aug 19, 2014 21.

I called bookvip in july, and they told me to contact the hotel directly to add additional days. Bookvip offers up to 70% savings on vacations to the most popular destinations. The main complaint is booking something, having the company take your money, then come back to tell you that the cost quoted is not available. So no matter the thought that the hotel lied to them, my contract with them, though final was also contingent on selling me something that doesnt truly exist. Thx so much bookvip for making our vacation one of the best times of our lives. Ive been booking trips through their website for last 5 years and it was never disappointing. Our trip was fantastic and everything was delivered as represented.

Visions international publishing specializes in creative resources for business and leisure including bestselling books by ernie j. Customers who would like to contact customer service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by phone at 8888498450. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Please save yourself some time and do not contact this company to book your travels. Hi cheri, welcome to the forum i have seen so many complaints on many of the forums on ta about 3rd party booking sites. All on the contrary to what you will inevitably experience if you get caught by the largest in the world bookvip that is unknown to. When i book our flights, i will first call bookvip, i have michaels direct number, then make sure those dates are open before booking flights. Ive traveled with many different ive traveled with many different companies and bookvip is simply the worst. I would ask a question and she would ramble on and on about the policy instead of directly answering just the one question. Since then the page has accumulated consumer complaints. If you cherish traveling and have always dreamed of a travel agency franchise being the right choice for you, then you may want to know the benefits so that you can identify the right options for you to make sure you accomplish success and enjoy a successful business operation moving forward. I called bookvip back, and they said oh, we dont send reservation info until 30 days before. We considered that time just a part of the adventure of our vacation. We used bookvip again to book a trip to cabo in january, 2016.

When it comes to travel brands, you have a few options available to choose from. Scambook s investigation team reached out to this company a total of 2 times, scambook investigators last contacted them on nov 15, 2012. But that will be a hasslefree, obligationfree, pressurefree, scamfree vacation of yours. I found this complaint and it was really informative s. Book vip makes a deal with the hotel and pays, and pockets a lot of cash. Bookvipcom rip off did not give promised gifts representative lied internet. This was also cancelled with mix up on days and we ended up having tulum lite for same price.

This has proven to be more interesting than i thought it could be. And within just 10 years in the industry, bookvip has already gained more than 3. She did not listen to me throughout our conversation. I booked a package 3 months prior to our vacation date and they told me the hote was available with the room i wanted. Just tried to book through bookvip for gatlinburg tn. Book vip contacted within hours of this post and has rectified this situation. Book your trip and hotel stay with a reputable online or brickandmortar travel agency.

The company offers a 247 service for its customers. When i called to confirm the reservation, as the screen asked me to do so after i paid, input all of my private information and gave them my credit card, i was asked arbitrary and discriminatory questions. I had a great time in puerto vallarta with book resort and stuff was very organized and friendly definitely i will use them again for my next vacation. May 20, 2017 has more customer video testimonials than any other travel website in the world. Bookvip, found online at, is a new travel website and service that promises to offer their customers the absolute lowest price on vacation getaways to premier travel destinations throughout the world. I called the hotel and they have no record of my reservation. It is beautiful and was the best vacation we have taken in 20. In that complaint and others plus responses i learned that there is a 90 min. This was confirmed after i had paid the resort fees for the grand oasis tulum. Actually, were using bookvip to book our next vacation to cabo san lucas next spring. Dec 31, 2017 anytime a company removes your negative feedback is a company that cannot be trusted. We checked into a resort and had to check right back out do to the smell it made my son sick and he had to go to the doctor he has asthma. Bookvip was founded in early 2008 by 4 veterans in sales and travel sector businesses in.